Symbio draws the listener in with their intoxicating combination of vast audio landscapes and earthy grooves, driven by a deliciously unexpected combination of hurdy-gurdy and accordion.

The duo creates a playful dialogue full of joyful energy, subtleties and virtuosity, where two becomes more than the sum of its parts. This is musical storytelling at its finest, told by heartfelt storytellers through soaring melodies, rich soundscapes, irresistible grooves and finely tuned musical communication.

Johannes Geworkian-Hellman: Hurdy-Gurdy
LarsEmil Öjeberget: Accordion, Kickbox

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The interaction of Johannes Geworkian Hellman and LarsEmil Öjeberget left nothing to be desired. You get the impression that the the two of them complement one another perfectly and simply had to find each other.

– Rolf Graff,
Mindener Tageblatt (DE)

“Symbio, sounds that celebrate life. Joy and sorrow, longing, melancholy: the audience was always emotionally close to Symbio, so that this remarkable Nordic sounds-cosmos turned into a particularly long-lasting experience – simply excellent.”

– Werner Lauterbach,
Westfälische Anzeiger (DE) 

The young Swedish duo Symbio is a true phenomenon on stage. Every show is an experience due to the musical telepathy between these musicians and their catching stories. From the first song the listener is lifted from their daily boring routine and is taken away to a new, more hopefull universe

– Elda Dorren,
De Doelen Concert Hall Rotterdam (NL)

“I have a feeling that Johannes Geworkian Hellman and LarsEmil Öjeberget were destined to make music together, regardless of what instruments they might have played.”

– Fiona Talkington,
Songlines Magazine (UK)

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2 days ago


Symbio together with the great french hurdy-gurdy master Gilles Chabenat in New Orleans at Folk Alliance International! 🙂

GIlles is a fantastic hurdy-gurdy player who is also the composer of the very first tune we ever played with Symbio, even before starting the band. The tune was catchy and felt so perfect to us and our instruments, it opened a lot of ideas for how to arrange and play music together and right after this first jam session we decided to start our duo. We continued to work on the tune and during 6 months it was the only tune we had, we worked hard to arrange it and find our sound with it. This helped us to start composing our own songs together.

The tune is called "Le Fil" and can be heard on our first album - Thanks for the great tune Gilles! Who knows what would have happened (or not have happened) if we did not have this tune to play together when we met for the very first time... And yes.. Some times we play this tune as an encore in our concerts even nowdays! It gives very good memories and if we are lucky, we will continue to play it together during many years in this life! ✨

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4 days ago


Welcome to visit our showcases at Folk Alliance International this week in New Orleans! #symbiomusic #FAINewOrleans #folkalliance ... See MoreSee Less

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We are right now on our way to the US and New Orleans to perform at the Folk Alliance international conference where we are chosen as official showcase artists this year. ✨

We have a long and exciting trip ahead of us and it’s the longest trip we ever made together. We really look forward to share our music to people in this part of the world, for the first time but hopefully not last! 😌 Greetings from the airport! /Symbio
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2 weeks ago


Dear friends and followers in Germany. We are looking for a venue around Nordrhein-Westfalen area where Symbio could play a concert on the 26th of June.

Anyone who could give us a recommendation for a nice venue or festival where we could play? ✨🙂 #symbio #germany #concerts
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3 weeks ago


Last Saturday the UK radio BBC3 broadcasted "highlights from Rudolstadt-Festival 2019" in the radio show "Music Planet" led by the great Kathryn Tickell! Two songs from our main-concert at Rudolstadt festivals was broadcasted, and it can be heard through the link down below.

Thanks a lot for having our music as a part of the highlights and thanks for beautiful words about our music from Kathryn Tickell, made us happy! 🙂 #Symbio #BBC3 #Radio

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We had a very enjoyable concert yesterday in Bad Honnef, thanks to all the nice and kind people involved - Feels great to be back in Germany! Now we look forward to this evenings concert in the city of Neuss! Very welcome to Kulturkeller at 19.00! ✨ ... See MoreSee Less

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4 weeks ago


Dear friends and followers, we want to wish you all the best of luck for the new year! 2019 has been an amazing year for Symbio. This year leaves a lot of beautiful memories and we are so grateful for all the good things we have experienced. We have played concerts in 12 different countries during the year, some countries new to us and some revisited.

We want to give a warm thanks to all the nice organizers we have been working with during the year and to all people who has supported us. A special warm thanks to all of you who did let us know by words in person or in messages that our music means something to you and that it makes a difference, this is very heart-warming, inspiring and motivating to hear. Thanks also to all of you who bought the albums and came to our concerts, your support really means a lot to us!

We look forward to continue our journey with Symbio in 2020! We will start with concerts in Germany and US (New Orleans) in January. Hope to see you there or somewhere else during the next year! <3

// Johannes & LarsEmil

Ps. Here are some good memories from 2019!
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Idag och imorgon är sista chansen för den som vill föreslå Symbio till priset som "ÅRETS GRUPP" på Folk & Världsmusikgalan. För att lämna förslag så behöver man skriva en motivering kring varför den grupp man föreslår förtjänar detta pris. Juryn kommer senare att gå igenom alla förslag inför galan i vår 2020. Om ni tycker att Symbio förtjänar priset som Årets grupp så får ni gärna föreslå oss och motivera varför vi bör få detta pris. Förslag lämnas via denna länk fram till Söndag midnatt:

Priset gäller båda åren 2018 och 2019 - Dessa två år har varit några av de mest händelserika och mest intensiva åren för oss. Vi har spelat cirka 150 konserter i 12 olika länder samt släppt vårt andra album "Rising" som tagits emot varmt av många recensenter och lyssnare internationellt. Vi har haft många fina konsertupplevelser på stora och mindre scener runtom i Europa och Sverige. Vi har spelat för konserter med allt från 10 personer till 2800 personer i publiken på Folk & Världsmusik-festivaler, skolor, konserthus, caféer och klubbar. Vi är så glada över att under dessa år ha fått jobba heltid med Symbio och nu ser vi fram emot kommande års konserter, möten och skapandet av vårt tredje album som släpps våren 2021! ✨
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